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Minority Women and Men committed to Social Impact


Teresa Cruz Foley

(She/hers) Founder and Lead Consultant

A Mexican American scholar and social justice advocate who has struggled to claim her own intersectional identity, Teresa's personal journey led her to enroll in Stanford's Leverage Diversity program, and launch Brave Space, with the intention of healing oppression from the inside-out. She integrates her passion for creating inclusive curriculum with decades of experience as a behavior analyst and mindfulness practitioner to create customized, evidence-based learning experiences that bring measurable, lasting benefit to all.  Teresa serves on local government DEI initiatives, works on campaigns to elect minority women, and has recently started an lgbtqia+ Pride group in her town which emphasizes Black and Brown representation and leadership.



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Alison Rosa

(she/hers) Education Consultant

The mother of three, Alison is a high school teacher, and an independent education consultant through her company, RosAbility, LLC, after decades of working in the healthcare field. She volunteers in local government, organizes community events that focus on diversity awareness, and is a fierce advocate for all children. She brings her anti-bias, anti-racism (ABAR) training into all of her leadership action.  Alison is currently a candidate for Taunton, MA School Committee.

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Suzi Robinson

(she/hers) Strategy Consultant

Suzi Robinson brings proven success in leading strategies to help launch global brands to developing diverse non-profits. Focused on business and brand strategy, she helps organizations define their mission, elevate their brand, compete and succeed. A Korean-American adoptee and co-president of a non-profit, Diversity and Inclusion for Community Empowerment (DICE Massachusetts), she incorporates an equity lens into every engagement, ensuring a business strategy that is not only sound to sustain an organization, but puts all its people at its core.

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Zayra Welch
Boston Born & Bred Productions


Rep Yourself! Zayra handles all of our printing, is a pleasure to work with and her BBB packages are a delight to receive in the mail!


Amy Donahue
Product Management

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 Amy is a versatile software product manager who believes in the importance of the human experience as a critical aspect of successful product design.  We appreciate her help making this site user-friendly.