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"Teresa educated the children and mentors alike, her approach was developmentally appropriate and extremely engaging for everyone taking part.  She showed patience and understanding, and the children enjoyed the many hands on activities she provided to enhance the curriculum."

Jazlyn Villanueva, Mentor, T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R. Youth Program

"The minute I found out we received the grant for our SEL youth program, I immediately called Teresa. The T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R. Youth Program wouldn’t have been a success without Brave Space. Though she was slated to work 1 week within the program there was no question why we contracted her for the entire program instead. You won’t be disappointed after you watch her work her magic!"

  Tanya Lobo, founder, T.R.U.E. Diversity

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"Teresa went above and beyond to not only educate our employees in one session, but explain where to go from here, to make what we learned sustainable and act as an ally towards the Latinx community."

Cassie Young, Coordinator, A-lign

"There were definitely easy and very doable things that we could add right away to make our space more accessible and welcoming. I think all of the suggested changes are great ideas. I really like that the redesign included small and big changes. It feels like a plan that we can continue to incorporate as we grow." 

Heather Wood, COO, Restoration Coffee

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